Glasses, Glasses, Glasses

I have a new pair of cross stitch glasses to show you. This time I used the wee little stitches pattern and DMC variegated floss to create a tortoiseshell pair of glasses.



It wasn’t until I took the fabric out of the hoop that I noticed I had stitched this sideways. Luckily I left a lot of extra space the whole way around so it shouldn’t be a problem finding a frame.

I lost a whole afternoon of stitching when I noticed I was off by a single stitch. The project spent a while in timeout until I could muster up the will to rip out all those stitches. I might have just tried to adapt the pattern around the mix up, but I was trying to match this to some earlier projects so a redo was a must.

Wee Little Stitches Horn Rimmed Glasses

There goes a whole afternoon…

You might remember that I made black pair as my very first cross stitch project, and a red pair back in the fall, so I now have three matching glasses.


A matching set

Now I just need to find the perfect picture frame; I’m thinking of something along the lines of this one but we’ll see when I actually get a chance to go to the store.

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