Dogwood Blossoms – Part 1

I finally got started on my Dogwood Blossoms sweater and I am loving it.


I am NOT looking forward to all those ends…

I’m only a few rows into it; it might not look it but there are 11 different colours in these few inches. To be totally honest, I wasn’t sure why so many were necessary when a lot were so similar, but looking at it now it’s like those slight variations make the colours glow.

This isn’t the kind of project where I can just pick it up whenever and knit a few rows. Not at all. This requires my whole desk and total silence and a good solid chunk of time.


Working away at it

There are 15 colours of Palette in this sweater, and a lot of them are very similar. I mean, just look at these two oranges here…

Knit Picks Palette

They might as well be the same

If the labels come off – which, let’s be honest, is inevitable – I’m doomed. So I labeled a bunch of sandwich bags and cut out the corners so I could pull a strand of yarn out without risking the loss of the labels.

Knit Picks Palette

It might not be pretty but it is effective

It does make things a bit more tedious, but I keep reminding myself that this sweater is a marathon and not a sprint.



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