Totally 80’s Socks – Part 3

I’ve finished my Totally 80’s socks and I love them.


My first pair of matched socks!

I ended up knitting and reknitting the ankle/heel area quite a few times to get everything lined up perfectly,  just as predicted. I started off working under the assumption that if I started at the same place in the stripe sequence and the stitch pattern matched up then everything would be okay. It wasn’t. I guess my gauge must have been different because I had to undo several rows of the ankle when I noticed the heel flaps weren’t lining up properly. I figured the stripes are so much more prominent than the purl spirals so it would be better to ensure the stripes match up. Anyways, the next time I made it all the way to the gusset before realizing that things were off. That little bit of pink was so tiny it was tempting to just carry on. But I’m proud to say I didn’t.


So close!

The third time was the charm. Looking at it I really can’t tell that the spirals don’t match up exactly, so I’m glad I focused on the stripes.


Much better!

I used Lana Grossa Meilenweit Neon Mixed and the RPM socks pattern by Aija Goto from Knitty.


Definitely worth the extra time

And I’m still on track for eight pairs this year!


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