Cats in Hats

Every once in a while I come across something that is so deliciously absurd that I just have to have it. I came across the Sara Thomas book Cats in Hats at work the other day and had to scoop it up.


The absolute best knitting book I have ever come across

It’s pretty self explanatory. The patterns are fairly easy, the ones I made took about 45 minutes or so.ย Of course you’re going to want to see pictures – read on for more!

I must say I was surprised that my cats 1) Let my put these on them in the first place (especially Heidi, she’s quite ornery to put it kindly) and 2) Sat thereย calmly while I took endless pictures of them.

First up we have Cosmo modelling the ever popular Punk Mohawk – sorry for the blurry picture, but I felt his expression in this one best captured the quintessential punk attitude.



Here’s Heidi in a dashing little fall number, the Pumpkin Hat.


Pumpkin Spice

After the pumpkin I couldn’t get near Heidi with more hats, so the rest are of the ever cooperative Cosmo – he was especially proud of my handiwork on the stem of the Strawberry hat.


So juicy!

And my personal favourite is the Jayne Cobb hat. I used the Elf pattern as the basis for this one, just adjusting the colours to fit.


A man walks down the street with a hat like that, people knows he’s not afraid of anything!

Final verdict – I loved this book and would highly recommend it to any cat-loving crafter!




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