One of the Evergreen nominees this year was the graphic novel Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley (of Scott Pilgrim fame), my first time reading a graphic novel as part of this challenge. It tells the story of Katie, a stressed out chef who dreams of opening her own restaurant. A mysterious spirit leaves her a mushroom that allows her to undo one mistake in her life, but upon finding a stash of the magical mushrooms Katie gets carried away and things spin out of control.

It was a very quick read and an interesting concept. O’Malley’s style is a little cutesy, which is an interesting contrast to the subject matter. I’m not sure that I really have that much to say about this particular title – because of the format I finished this in a couple of hours compared to the several days I’ve spent on the other titles so I feel like I didn’t really get a chance to really know this book. It was enjoyable enough, maybe I’ll try rereading it.



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