Out on the Lanai, Episode 1

It’s no secret that I love The Golden Girls. From cross stitch to project bags, I can never have enough of my favourite ladies. So of course I had to buy Jim Collucci’s new book, Golden Girls Forever: An Unauthorized Look Behind the Lanai, when it came out last month. It’s a great book for any fan and it inspired another Golden Girls related project.


Loving this colour combination!

I’d been playing around with the idea of making a crocheted blanket for a while now and decided to take the plunge and order some Knit Picks Mighty Stitch yarn in colours inspired by the Golden Girls living room set.

I’ve always liked the look of Sandra Paul’s designs over on her Cherry Heart Blog so I decided on her Weekender Blanket, a join-as-you-go hexagonal blanket pattern. I’m sorry I didn’t put anything in for scale, but each piece is a little over 3″ across. Something wasn’t quite right though. What I liked best about this pattern was the scrappy, random look of the finished blanket, and I don’t think I would have achieved that effect with just five colours. Plus, there would be all those ends to weave in!


Hhhmmm, not quite what I envisioned

Back to the drawing board then. Next I tried out the Clamshell Pattern, another Sandra Paul design. And it was perfect! I mean really, seashells are so 1980s Miami, aren’t they?


Pastels and shells – totally 80s!

The colours aren’t an exact match to the set, but I think the feel is right.

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