Out on the Lanai, Episode 2

Do you remember that Golden Girls crochet afghan? Still working on it, and I likely will be for the foreseeable future. I’m just over 1/3 of the way through.

Clamshell Crochet afghan in Knit Picks Mighty Stitch

Going for that Miami vibe…

Rather, I should say that I’ve used up just over 1/3 of the yarn I purchased – the afghan is currently 34″ long so at this rate I likely won’t use all of it (can you imagine? it would be well over 8′ if I did!).

Clamshell Crochet afghan in Knit Picks Might Stitch

Look at all those ends!

I haven’t started weaving in any of the ends yet; each colour stripe is 3 rows, so that means there are ends on both sides of the blanket. That’s right, both sides look like that. I’m not weaving in the ends as I go along because I wanted to experiment with something. I saw this technique for dealing with the millions of ends in a Fair Isle sweater and I thought, why not try it here? My intention is to try that braiding technique and, if it works well, I’ll just crochet the border right over the braid. If it doesn’t work as I envision it I can always undo the braid and weave in the ends as normal.

You might have noticed that the bottom is doing an odd ruffly kind of thing. At first I thought my stitch count was off but when I went back and counted it everything was in order. All I can figure is that my tension was much looser when I was getting my footing with the stitch pattern. And of course this ruffle didn’t really become apparent until I had worked several inches past it. I know it’s the lazy way, but I figure I’m just going to leave it as it is instead of frogging. I figure most of the time this afghan is going to be folded up or scrunched up around someone, so it’s not the biggest deal if the edge is a bit wonky. Or so I keep telling myself…

Clamshell Crochet afghan in Knit Picks Might Stitch

What is going on here?

I’m loving the way the pattern and colours are working up (it’s the Clamshell Pattern┬áby Sandra over at the Cherry Heart blog, and I’m making it in Knit Picks Might Stitch yarn). But let’s be honest there’s not going to be much to see until it comes time to do the borders, so this is probably the last update for a while.

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