Caribbean Sunset, Part 1

I hate to admit it, but it’s been ages since I last used my spinning wheel. In fact, the last time was back in the fall when I started spinning this Knit Picks roving I dyed myself.

The colours reminded me of those gorgeous Caribbean sunset pictures, but I thought that realistically they were a little too bold for me….

So I decided to spin up some white and ply the two together. I’m not quite sure what this roving is, when I bought my wheel it came with a beginners spinning kit which was basically a niddy noddy and a bag of roving. I don’t remember how much fibre there was in that bag but I used just over half of that roving for this project.

Kromski Fantasia spinning wheel

Those of you who also follow me on Instagram will know that I recently got a new kitten named Shadow Benny (who’s basically sleeping on the keyboard as I type this!). This was his first time seeing a spinning wheel so of course he had to inspect it!

Kitten and roving, spinning wheel

He thinks he’s helping :/

After an entire weekend of spinning I was left with two pretty much full bobbins of singles.

hand spun singles

Which I was soon able to ply into this beauty here…

2ply hand spun yarn

There’s still quite a bit left on the bobbins to ply together, but is it just me or does it look like there’s less of the white? I think I’m just going to play it safe and spin up some more white before I start plying the second bobbin.

hand spun singles

And if I have leftover singles I can just carry that over into my next spinning project, which I’m already super excited about. I tend to take way too long between spinning sessions and then overdo things and strain my hands, which means that I have to take a short break which inevitably stretches out for months. I’d like to change that, I’d like to spin more consistently but for shorter periods of time. We’ll see how that goes….

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