Rocket Ship Shawlette, Part 1

I really don’t need any more projects on my needles at the moment but Knit Picks is having their summer sale and I’ve been dying to try out the new Stroll Gradient yarn; I chose the ‘Rocket Ship’ colour way because, well, how could I not? It’s been a long time since I was this excited by the prospect of knitting something new so of course I had to cast on as soon as possible. I chose the Fonsé Shawlette pattern by Joyce Fassbender, which was designed specifically for this yarn.

Knit Picks Stroll Gradient Fonse Shawlette

I wanted the yellow to be the central part of the shawl so I rewound it in the opposite direction (I hate knitting from the outside of the ball/cake – it rolls around so much!). A couple things I noticed while rewinding: 1) this yarn is slippery – it actually flew off the ball winder a few times! 2) it’s really on the lighter side of ‘fingering’ – I’m going to use smaller needles than called for in the pattern. The shawlette is a triangle that’s worked from the centre out so it’s coming along pretty quickly, at least for now.

Knit Picks Stroll Gradient Rocket Ship Fonse Shawlette

Reading the comments on Ravelry it seems like for most people the shawl finished before they really got into the last colour of the yarn, and there was often a lot of yarn left over so I’m going to knit an extra pattern repeat in the central section. In the comments on Ravelry the Fassbender says that and extra repeat will bring the yarn requirement up to around 575 yards, and the yarn label says that Stroll Gradient is around 458 yards so I’m going to run out of yarn. It’s not ideal, but I do have an almost untouched skein of regular Stroll in plain black that I plan on using for the last few edges – I’m hoping it looks like an intentional border pattern!


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