Caribbean Sunset, Part 2

It’s done and it is beautiful!

Hand spun 2-ply yarn

It’s about 770 yards of varying weight – I’d say it mostly goes between lace and fingering, so it will be perfect for a shawl or scarf.

Okay, I’m really not as familiar with spinning terms as I should be, so please excuse my conflated explanation here. I used my normal whorl that gives a nice, tight twist when I was spinning the singles. When I was plying the singles I used a different whorl that gives a looser twist. I like the look, but I can tell it’s going to be super splitty when I’m knitting it up.

Hand spun yarn

Also, I spun the coloured single several months ago and I don’t know if I actually spun it tighter to begin with or it’s begun it sat for so much longer, but that ply (single? I’m not sure what to cll it at this point but I mean the coloured strand) looks a lot sturdier than the white one. Speaking of which, remember how I was debating spinning more white? Well, I’m glad I did. This is all that was left over!

Hand Spun yarn single

I intentionally spun this yarn so that there would be a nice gradient effect to it , and I want to make sure and maintain that when I’m knitting this up so what I did was tie a knot in the yarn and each end. So, when I start knitting the first skein I start at the end with the knot, then when I start the second skein I start at the end without the knot.

Hand Spun 2-ply yarn on niddy noddy

I’m really excited to use this yarn – I was originally planning on a Citron with some extra pattern repeats so I can use as much of this yarn as possible, but we’ll see what I’m in the mood for when it’s time to cast on.





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