Rocket Ship Shawlette, Part 2

My Rocket Ship Shawlette is kitting up pretty quickly, so quickly that I need to make a decision now. I’ve knit two repeats of the second lace chart so, according to the pattern, I should now move on to the third and final chart.Knit Pick Stroll Gradient Fonse Shawlette

As you can see from the picture, I’ve only just broken into the second colour, if I just go ahead with chart third chart I might not even make it to that third colour, the dark grey (I’ve seen a few project photos on Ravelry where that seems to be the case).

But, this is a triangle shawl, so if I add another repeat of chart two each row will get wider, so I’ll be using exponentially more yarn. I know, I know, I have that regular Stroll in black I was planning to use as edging. The problem is that the regular Stroll sock yarn will stand out like a sore thumb. For one thing, it’s a solid black that will be quite jarring against the more tonal grey/black of the Stroll Gradient. Plus, as you can see here, it’s just a smidge thicker than the Gradient.

Stroll Tonal vs. Stroll Gradient

You know what? I’m just going to knit the extra repeat. I do want to use as much of that third colour as I can. Plus, the extra repeat will give me a shawl whose finished size is more in line with what I actually wanted.


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