A Cat Named Cosmo

I’ve been more obsessed than normal with cat themed things recently – books about cats, cute items with cats on them, TV shows and movies that feature cats prominently. Over the weekend I watched the movie A Street Cat Named Bobย (which I highly recommend!) and was inspired ย to knit a cat scarf for my very own Cosmo.

Hand Knit Cat scarves

I grabbed some acrylic from my stash and knit garter stitch lengthwise. It was super quick, I think it only took about half an hour or so. But when I tried it on Cosmo it wouldn’t even fit around his neck – I had no idea he was so fat :/ Anyhow, the second one fit much better.

I’m sure you can guess what inspired my choice of colours! I had some left over red and yellow Stroll in my stash so of course I had to make a Gryffindor scarf.

Gryffindor cat scarf

Let’s be honest, what you really want to know is if Cosmo actually wore the thing. I’m pleased to admit he let me put it on him without any trouble and actually posed for some pictures!

Here is is trying to look artsy but just coming across blurry.

hand knit Gryffindor cat scarf

Getting the hang of the moody hipster vibe.

hand knit Gryffindor cat scarf

Giving me a bold Gryffindor look.

hand knit Gryffindor cat scarf


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