Wildflowers and Honey, Part 1

Way back when I purchased a set of fat quarters from Connecting Threads‘ Wildflowers and Honey line. This past spring I used that gorgeous fabric to piece together quilt blocks based on the Paving Stones Quilt from Stitch Savvy by Deborah Moebes. My intention was to go for a subtle rainbow effect so I tried to keep similar coloured fabrics together, so I have green, blue, purple, yellow/orange, and red blocks.

Connecting Threads Wildflowers and Honey

I finally got a chance to put together the quilt top.

First off I laid out all the blocks (with help from Cosmo, of course!) and that’s when I noticed the problem. I’m short two purple blocks. I went back over my notes from the spring and I have no idea what happened, my calculations were correct and I had the correct number written down, but for some reason I didn’t make those last two blocks. I had more than enough leftover scraps to make up the missing blocks now, but looking at all those blocks I decided it would probably still be big enough if I just took out that bottom row.

Connecting Threads Wildflowers and Honey

Here it is with the quilt top all sewn together. I kept the colour sequence in mind when stitching together the blocks but otherwise kind of just grabbed them at random. It’s about a twin size quilt.

Connecting Threads Wildflowers and Honey

The overall quilt reads as more pastel than I had envisioned but I still like it. I’d like to have this totally done by the winter so I can use this cheery quilt during those dark, dreary nights. I’m going to use those extra squares and the leftover scraps do make more blocks for the back, but I will also need to order some extra fabric for it as well.

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