Harvest Hat-a-Long, Part the First

Last Friday as I was heading home from work I was planning to treat myself to some decadent drink from Starbucks. I pulled up and got of my car and it was. so. hot. I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy a hot coffee so instead I walked across the parking lot to Michaels and bought some yarn.Lion Brand Wool-Ease and Heartland Yarn

I’ve been seeing Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease all over Instagram and it always looks so lovely so I decided to try it out for myself. It’s a chunky yarn so I figured its not a huge commitment to cast on right away (I’m combining the red with some stash yarn for a super fun future project).

But what to make? Well, it just so happens that Twisted Stitches, my absolute favourite knitting podcast, is holding their Harvest Hat Knit-a-Long from September 15- November 15. I had a look at the hat bundle on their Ravelry group and settled on the Northward pattern from Tin Can Knits.

Tin Can Knits Northward Hat and Lion Brand Wool-Ease

There’s a problem though. I don’t know what happened when I was pattern searching, maybe I had the yardage for the worsted Wool-Ease in mind or something, but the pattern calls for 100 yards of yarn and according to the label I only have 87 yards. It’s knitting up beautifully and it feels like I’ll have enough, but it’s hard to tell. I think I need to invest in a yarn scale for situations like this because it’s been happening a lot recently (hello Rocket Ship Shawlette!).

Tin Can Knits Northward Hat and Lion Brand Wool-Ease

If it comes down to it I’ll pick up another skein of Wool-Ease and use the extra to make a giant pom-pom for the top. Pom-poms are always good.




3 thoughts on “Harvest Hat-a-Long, Part the First

  1. Ohh I love how you made the cast on in yellow. That yarn looks gorgeous and satisfying to knit.

    I hope you have enough!

    Also what is up with the temperature! Today was the hottest my apartment has ever been, EVER (including summer)!

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