Classic Lines, Prologue

I’ve had the Classic Lines Cardigan on my radar for more years than I can remember. I even bought the yarn to make it during a Knit Picks Cyber Monday sale years ago (I think it was Cyber Monday, or maybe on of the big summer sales? the point is I bought it a long time ago).

Knit Picks Shadow Basalt Heather

I have this beautiful Knit Picks Shadow in Basalt Heather, a wonderfully complex grey with warm undertones. Now comes the tough part…

What colour to use for the stripes? I had a lot of Shadow yarn left over from my Seasons Shawl from way back when. My options are Nocturne Heather

Knit Picks Shadow

Forest Heather

Knit Picks Shadow

Or Persimmon Heather

Knit Picks Shadow

And the dark horse contender is this Bare Shadow that I hand dyed an almost shocking pink

Knit Picks Shadow

I like them all but each combination creates a very different look. I’m leaning towards the warmer end of the spectrum (orange or pink) but I also wanted a second opinion, so I created a poll on Ravelry, and I was pleased to see that Persimmon Heather received by and far the most votes. However, a particularly amazing Raveler put the pictures into black and white for me so I could get an idea of how the tones work together, and what a surprise! While I knew the orange would blend into the grey it almost disappeared entirely. I think the only way to really decide is to swatch. I’m going to start with the pink and orange, and if I really don’t like those I’ll do the blue and green as well. Can’t wait to get started!


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