Classic Lines, Chapter 1

I finally got around to swatching for my Classic Lines Cardigan

Knit Picks Shadow Swatches

… and I was actually a bit surprised by the results.

The pink is somehow even more bold than I thought it would be, and yet I think it actually works really well with the grey.

Knit Picks Shadow

Before swatching I really thought I was going to go with orange. But look at it! You can hardly see it. It almost looks more like the sweater is dirty rather than like an intentional design feature…

Knit Picks Shadow

It’s probably no surprise that I went with pink 🙂 I decided to do a garter edging rather than the turned hem the pattern calls for since I prefer the look, but otherwise I’m knitting the pattern as written.

Classic Lines Cardigan in Knit Picks Shadow

When I did my swatch I was just a teensy bit off, meaning that the sweater would be a little bigger. No big deal, right? Wrong! I had only knit a few inches of sleeve and I could tell that even the smallest size was going to be massive. In the past I’ve always erred on the side of making my clothes too big and the result is often sloppy looking. I didn’t want to rip it back, but I know that in the long run it’s better to take the time and do things properly… So I’m back at square one :/

Classic Lines Cardigan in Knit Picks Shadow

(by the way, it’s surprisingly difficult to take a decent picture of your own arm – who knew?)

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