Cozy Memories, Part Two

I’m making pretty good progress on my Coziest Memory blanket, the fact that it’s so addictive is certainly helping things along.

Cozy Memories Blanket in progress

I’ve placed a marker at the very middle and I plan to work out from there so that it will be roughly square shaped.

I had actually planned to share this last week but I ran into a bit of a problem. Remember how I said I would work from the centre out? Well I got it into my mind that I wanted to work those first few squares in a pinwheel pattern. I laid those first few blocks out to take pictures and immediately saw that unfortunately my ‘pinwheel’ looked disturbingly similar to a certain symbol I want nothing to do with :/ Needless to say I had to  fill in some of those blank spaces before taking pictures!

Cozy Memories Blanket in progress

I’m using the same needles but there are different yarns so the gauges are slightly different. You can really see it at the edges, but it seems like as I add more squares they kind of pull the inner squares straight. Does that make sense? You can kind of see what I mean here…

Cozy Memories Blanket in progress

I had intended to work on this until I used up all my sock scraps and then add to it as I amassed more scraps – then I realized that this method would lead to clusters of similar yarn together and I really wanted more of an even distribution. What I’m going to do is work until I’ve come as close as I can to filling in the blank spaces without using any yarn more than twice (except for the denim blue). Then I’m going to just put this away for several months to give me time to stockpile more scraps. I really like that this is a scrappy project – so far I can look at every block and remember the socks I made with that yarn and who they were for; I want to preserve that as I go on with this project so I don’t want to buy yarn just for this blanket (aside from that denim blue). I envision this as I once a year project, maybe from this point onwards I’ll pull it out at the end of the year and add my ‘memories’ for that year.

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