Wildflowers and Honey, Part 2

I finally got one time to haul out my sewing machine and make some progress on my Wildflowers and Honey Quilt. The top row are the left over single colour blocks, and the bottom row are the random blocks I made from the remaining fabric.

Wildflowers and Honey Quilt

I didn’t want to make all those blocks for the back of the quilt as well as the front (the front is 42 blocks!) so instead I ordered some fairly neutral fabric from Connecting Threads and cut out some solid squares.

Wildflowers and Honey Quilt

Here it is all laid out. There are 10 quilt blocks and 10 solid squares – I know, I know, that makes the back of the quilt smaller than the front! Don’t worry….

Wildflowers and Honey Quilt

I also added a very large border of that neutral fabric, so the finished quilt back is actually several inches larger all around than the front. I like to do this so that if (let’s be honest, more like when) anything shifts around during the quilting process I don’t need to trim away any of my quilt blocks from the front since the ones that I actually put thought and planning into. Instead I have that extra material at the back I can fuss around with and trim as needed.

Wildflowers and Honey Quilt

I need to take may sewing machine down to the dining table for the actual quilting process, and because that’s such an effort I like to wait until I have a few solid days that I can devote to quilting, so it looks like this beauty is going to have to be put away for a few weeks.


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