Time for Lunch

I’ve been looking around for a lunch bag for a while and couldn’t find anything I liked so I did what any aspiring sewer does – I looked for patterns online. Pink Penguin’s Lunch Bag Tutorial  takes you through the steps of creating a cute drawstring lunch bag and it seemed pretty simple.

The makings of my lunch bag

The makings of my lunch bag

And yes, I am using my library fabric again. You’d think I would be tired of the Bookish line from Connecting Threads by now, after all I not only have a quilt and pillowcase, I also have two project bags made from it. Maybe I will grow tired someday, but not today!

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Stitching in the Stacks

It’s done!

THe finished Library Stacks quilt

The finished Library Stacks quilt

As I mentioned, this Library Stacks quilt is the largest one I’ve made to date. So large that I couldn’t work on it at my regular sewing desk. No, this puppy needed the kitchen table. Because of this fact I had to put it away for a while until I had a few solid days to work on it (I didn’t want to be hauling everything back and forth for just a few hours of sewing every now and then). This past weekend was the perfect opportunity.

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A Different Kind of WIP


Bookish quilt in progress


I have five knitting WIPs left. I haven’t even begun to tell you about the sewing WIPs. At the top of my list is this quilt I’m working on using the ‘Library Stacks’ kit from Connecting Threads featuring their Bookish collection. This fabric collection is inspired by libraries and librarians, and it came out just as I finished library school – so of course I had to buy it. I’ve already made a bag out of this fabric collection (another great CT kit), and I’ve got enough fabric for another undecided project after the quilt. Yeah, I really love this fabric!