Well, That Was Fast

Remember how one of my resolutions was only to buy that one specific fabric collection this year? Well it was just days after that post that Connecting Threads released the Wildflowers and Honey fabric line, the one I’ve been waiting for all these months. Needless to say I purchased some right away.

Connecting Threads Wildflowers and Honey

Just a taste of things to come…

I had a look at the different quilt kits they had available, and I loved the homespun feel of all of them, but none of them really caught my eye. I love this fabric and I wanted a quilt that would showcase large pieces of it. So instead of any of the kits I bought a fat quarter sampler and will figure out a pattern later on.

But here’s the part where I maybe sorta broke my resolution. I didn’t stop at this collection…

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I decided to set aside that quilt I’m still piecing together and whip up some gifts out of those fat quarters I just bought. I made a clutch using this tutorial by Colleen over at Pretty Prudent Baby. I made it a little bigger, but changing the dimensions wasn’t difficult at all. The directions were super simple and the entire thing came together in a couple of hours.


A bow bag


I especially love the lining!


Love the cheerful lining!


I also made another box bag using Truly Myrtle’s tutorial, this time for my brother. When I saw the fabric I immediately thought of him, and a box bag seemed like the best way to show off the design.


Hipster foxes


I just lined it with plain yellow fabric.


Nice bright lining


This little guy on the handle is my favourite!


This guy’s my fave


Now that I knew what I was doing the bag went together much more quickly. I played around with the dimensions a bit but I’m still not entirely happy with the size. I used a 14″ zipper and cut the body 18″ wide – I liked the 14″ length (although I think 16″ might be better), but I think I need to make the body wider. I think if I cut it 20″ or 22″ wide it would be much better. I have to be careful though – too big and I’ll need to buy 1/2 yards instead of fat quarters! Also, when cutting out the corners I cut out 2″ squares – I like this size and will probably like it even better on a wider bag.

Gone Fishin’


You know how in those old TV shows sometimes there’s a sign on a storefront saying ‘Gone Fishing’ or something to that extent? I think we all need one of those days every once in a while – a day to just ignore what needs to be done and do what you want to. Last week I took one of those days for myself and headed over to Niagara-on-the-Lake.  I love that place, it’s close enough that I can easily drive there in one go, yet still far away enough to feel like I’m actually going on a trip.

The town itself is full of great little shops. My favourite this time around were Taste The 4th Sense, a gourmet shop devoted to condiments and hot-sauces. I also love stopping by Modern Bee for fabric and yarn. I’m on a self-imposed yarn diet at the moment so I only bought a single ball of sock yarn, Crazy Zauberball in Herbstwind. However, I did grab several fat quarters – the grey, floral, and fox print are slated for gifts, but that blue and white one is all mine.





New fabric purchases


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