Bye Bye Beekeeper

I have to face facts, it’s been ages since I last touched my Beekeeper Quilt, and I really didn’t think I’d pick it up again. The more I thought about stitching up all those little puffs the more I dreaded it. Plus, I don’t think this will be all that practical. Think about it, this would essentially be two layers of wool with a rather large layer of polyfill in between, which would make for an incredibly hot blanket.

Bee Keeper's Quilt Hexipuffs

But what to do with all those little puffs? I mean, there are 60 of them, surely I could do something, right?

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First it was the too-big sweater. Then it was the baggy socks. Next came the strenuous spinning. Actually, you know what? You might say it went as far back as the ripped out frame. Basically it feels like I’ve been putting a lot of time into projects that are turning out less than stellar. So it felt good to pick up my Beekeeper’s Quilt again. I love working on these hexipuffs, each one is a tiny reassurance that I really can make things right.

15 Hexipuffs that turned out just right

15 Hexipuffs that turned out just right

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Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

After completing my Beatnik I decided to reward myself with a few hexipuffs. Technically, the Beekeeper’s Quilt is on my WIP list, so I’m not actually cheating. But I’m trying to work on projects with an end in sight first so I can cross them off the list. I think from this point onwards I’m going to use hexipuffs as a reward for completing other WIPs.


Seasonal Hexipuffs

I based these seasonally inspired hexipuffs on Maple Wool Farm’s jacaranda tree pattern, just changing the colours where appropriate.

The Beekeeper’s Quilt

A couple years ago tiny owl knits’ beekeeper’s quilt took the knitting world by storm. I was immediately smitten, but I just couldn’t imagine stitching together hundreds of little hexipuffs, so I sighed and thought ‘not for me’. But I couldn’t shake the fascination. Every once in a while I revisit the pattern and check out what others were doing with it.

And then

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