A Cat Named Cosmo

I’ve been more obsessed than normal with cat themed things recently – books about cats, cute items with cats on them, TV shows and movies that feature cats prominently. Over the weekend I watched the movie A Street Cat Named BobΒ (which I highly recommend!) and was inspired Β to knit a cat scarf for my very own Cosmo.

Hand Knit Cat scarves

I grabbed some acrylic from my stash and knit garter stitch lengthwise. It was super quick, I think it only took about half an hour or so. But when I tried it on Cosmo it wouldn’t even fit around his neck – I had no idea he was so fat :/ Anyhow, the second one fit much better.

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Lionheart, Part 1

I really enjoyed the last Erica Lueder sock pattern I madeΒ so I decided that my next pair of socks would be Neville’s Socks. It’s a subtle stitch pattern that’s easily memorized so these are just flying off my needles.


Gryffindor Red

At first I thought I would make them in green as a nod to Neville’s love of herbology, but the more I thought about it the more I realized how much Neville truly embodied Gryffindor’s core values – so red it was! The yarn is Stroll in Firecracker Heather.

Elderberry Socks

I said that I would focus on knitting socks this year so I figured it would help to actually cast on a pair. I wanted something simple since I am about to embark on a huge complicated project, so these are just a basic socks in a 2×2 rib.

It's pretty, whatever it is...

It’s pretty, whatever it is…

I’m not really sure what the yarn is, it’s been in the stash a very long time and the label is long gone. I know it’s aΒ Stroll sock yarn from Knit Picks but I don’t remember if it’s Stroll Tonal or Stroll Hand Painted. Either way I love the rich colour so I’m going to call these my Elderberry Socks.