Harvest Hat-a-Long, Part the Second

Remember how I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough yarn for my hat? Well I did, and I even had enough left over for a pom-pom!

Lion Brand Wool Ease Northward Hat

It was just enough, too. After making the pom-pom and weaving in the ends ther were only a few inches of yarn left.

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Harvest Hat-a-Long, Part the First

Last Friday as I was heading home from work I was planning to treat myself to some decadent drink from Starbucks. I pulled up and got of my car and it was. so. hot. I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy a hot coffee so instead I walked across the parking lot to Michaels and bought some yarn.Lion Brand Wool-Ease and Heartland Yarn

I’ve been seeing Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease all over Instagram and it always looks so lovely so I decided to try it out for myself. It’s a chunky yarn so I figured its not a huge commitment to cast on right away (I’m combining the red with some stash yarn for a super fun future project).

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