Wildflowers and Honey, Part 2

I finally got one time to haul out my sewing machine and make some progress on my Wildflowers and Honey Quilt. The top row are the left over single colour blocks, and the bottom row are the random blocks I made from the remaining fabric.

Wildflowers and Honey Quilt

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Wildflowers and Honey, Part 1

Way back when I purchased a set of fat quarters from Connecting Threads‘ Wildflowers and Honey line. This past spring I used that gorgeous fabric to piece together quilt blocks based on the Paving Stones Quilt from Stitch Savvy by Deborah Moebes. My intention was to go for a subtle rainbow effect so I tried to keep similar coloured fabrics together, so I have green, blue, purple, yellow/orange, and red blocks.

Connecting Threads Wildflowers and Honey

I finally got a chance to put together the quilt top.

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Shabby Chic Quilt, Part 1

You might have noticed I have a thing for blankets. What can I say, I like to be cozy. This past weekend I whipped up the quickest quilt top I’ve ever made. I used 10″ precuts from Connecting Threads (from their Cottage Chic line that came out a few years back).


Loving these pinks and blues together!

I just stitched the squares together straight out of the package. This was quick, but I think it would have been better if I trimmed them myself. As they were they weren’t quite square and you can tell if you look closely.

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Stitching in the Stacks

It’s done!

THe finished Library Stacks quilt

The finished Library Stacks quilt

As I mentioned, this Library Stacks quilt is the largest one I’ve made to date. So large that I couldn’t work on it at my regular sewing desk. No, this puppy needed the kitchen table. Because of this fact I had to put it away for a while until I had a few solid days to work on it (I didn’t want to be hauling everything back and forth for just a few hours of sewing every now and then). This past weekend was the perfect opportunity.

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What Would Jane Make?

It’s no secret that I love crafting almost as much as reading. When the two come together it’s a magical thing indeed – craft collections inspired by fiction are one of my favourite things. No other author has made as much as an impression on my craft collection as Jane Austen. Just look at this stack!

Part of my Jane Austen collection

Part of my Jane Austen collection

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