Just a quick post today. I while back I signed up for FibreShare, which is an international yarn swap. Now that my partner has received her package I can share some of the goodies I made. I think my absolute favourite is this sparkly yarn that I hand-dyed. I used the same method as my Sunny Ways yarn except with pastels.

Hand Dyed Unicorn Stripe Yarn

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Wildflowers and Honey, Part 1

Way back when I purchased a set of fat quarters from Connecting Threads‘ Wildflowers and Honey line. This past spring I used that gorgeous fabric to piece together quilt blocks based on the Paving Stones Quilt from Stitch Savvy by Deborah Moebes. My intention was to go for a subtle rainbow effect so I tried to keep similar coloured fabrics together, so I have green, blue, purple, yellow/orange, and red blocks.

Connecting Threads Wildflowers and Honey

I finally got a chance to put together the quilt top.

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Excess Baggage, Pt. 1

You guys, a few weeks ago Spoonflower had a BOGO sale on fat quarters and I fell HARD. I love fat quarters, they’re the perfect size for project bags, so I had to take this opportunity to stock up.

Fabric from Spoonlower and Connecting Threads

We’ve got Itty Bitty Knitting Committee (and the corresponding pink balls of yarn on the end), Thank Your for Being a Friend, Bob’s Burgers, and SuperWhoLock (which I actually purchased a couple years ago). I’m also including the Canadian flag fabric and red starbursts, which are from Connecting Threads, since I’ll be making a bag out of that as well.

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Shabby Chic Quilt, Part 1

You might have noticed I have a thing for blankets. What can I say, I like to be cozy. This past weekend I whipped up the quickest quilt top I’ve ever made. I used 10″ precuts from Connecting Threads (from their Cottage Chic line that came out a few years back).


Loving these pinks and blues together!

I just stitched the squares together straight out of the package. This was quick, but I think it would have been better if I trimmed them myself. As they were they weren’t quite square and you can tell if you look closely.

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Looking Backwards and Forward

Well, it’s that time of year again, time for New Year’s Resolutions. But I can’t look forward without first looking back. Last year I put my crafting resolutions in writing right here on my blog and, while I didn’t actually stick to any of them, I think I followed the spirit of most of them.

First, here’s a little update on my 2015 resolutions:

  • I actually did knit only from stash and I can see a noticeable dent
  • I’m not sure that I never had more than four projects at a time, but I was a lot more conscious of how many WIPs I had and took that into account before starting anything new. As a result I don’t have a bunch of half-finished projects lying around
  • I did not spend time with Mabel, my trusty spinning wheel, every month as I would have liked. In fact, I only completed three spinning projects in 2015 – I think this one is my only total failure resolution-wise
  • I vowed to only buy yarn three times, and only from local stores. I actually only bought yarn that one time back in the fall, but it was from Knit Picks and not my LYS, so this one is a bit of a toss up.

Now that that’s out of the way I can look ahead to my 2016 resolutions:

  • I’m not buying any fabric this year. There is one exception to this; several months ago Connecting Threads posted a sneak peak of an upcoming fabric line that looks like it will be bee-themed; when that is released I will be buying at least a quilt’s worth of it. But other than that I’m only sewing from stash
  • I won’t limit the number of projects I can have going at any given time, but I do want to approach my knitting in a more focused manner this year. I’m not saying this will be all I knit in 2016, but I’m going to try and prioritize these
    1. Socks – I have way too much sock yarn, so I’d like to dub 2016 The Year of the Sock. I’m going to try and knit at least 10 pairs in 2016
    2. Hexipuffs – my Beekeeper’s Quilt has been sorely neglected in 2015, so I’d like to commit myself to at least 100 new puffs in 2016
    3. My extra special secret project that I’ll tell you all about a bit later in the month
  • Spin more. Maybe not every month, but I can certainly do better than three projects, right?
  • No online yarn purchases, LYS only!
  • I can’t buy any new cross stitch patterns until I finish the ones I already have. I have four purchased patterns plus another idea I’ve been playing around with, so that should probably keep me busy for the year

So there you have it, my crafting resolutions. Here’s to a great 2016!


Time for a New Bag

This is the first full week of autumn, and what better way to celebrate than with a new bag? (Okay, I can think of plenty of better ways, but it’s autumn and I have a new bag, so let’s just go with it). Last year I picked up a copy of The Best of Threads Handbags; it’s full of great patterns but I specifically wanted the 6-Pocket Clutch designed by Gilbert Muniz.

Some people shop for a new bag...

Some people shop for a new bag…

Lucky for me I had some perfect scraps in my stash. The houndstooth is from last year’s cape, the floral is from my latest Sorbetto, and the textured brown is from my Bookish Quilt.

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Not the Brightest (Pencil) Crayon in the Box

Like so many around me I have fallen under the spell of adult colouring books, specifically Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest. The ancient pencil crayons I’ve had kicking around since high school were looking a little sad so I treated myself to a new box of Crayolas. Now all I needed was a cute pencil case to store all those pretty colours.

Yep, I'm actually five

Yep, I’m actually five

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How Could I Not Know?

I love shopping in thrift shops but I usually stick to knick-knacks and books. However, I recently read about using thrift store sheets as muslins when sewing (basically a practice piece so you can try out a pattern and make sure you understand all the techniques and that everything fits okay). So when my errands took me by Value Village I decided to pop in and have a look. How did I not know what a great fabric source this place was?

Aren't they pretty?

Aren’t they pretty?

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