Bye Bye Beekeeper

I have to face facts, it’s been ages since I last touched my Beekeeper Quilt, and I really didn’t think I’d pick it up again. The more I thought about stitching up all those little puffs the more I dreaded it. Plus, I don’t think this will be all that practical. Think about it, this would essentially be two layers of wool with a rather large layer of polyfill in between, which would make for an incredibly hot blanket.

Bee Keeper's Quilt Hexipuffs

But what to do with all those little puffs? I mean, there are 60 of them, surely I could do something, right?

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The Beekeeper’s Quilt

A couple years ago tiny owl knits’ beekeeper’s quilt took the knitting world by storm. I was immediately smitten, but I just couldn’t imagine stitching together hundreds of little hexipuffs, so I sighed and thought ‘not for me’. But I couldn’t shake the fascination. Every once in a while I revisit the pattern and check out what others were doing with it.

And then

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